Sublime Press and Hold Keyboard Key for Sublime Text 3

Just a quick note…wanted to post it in case anybody else was having the same trouble. I was trying to find a way to get sublime to allow repeated characters in Mac OS Lion / Mountain Lion when you hold down a key on the keyboard (ApplePressAndHoldEnabled) and most of the documentation tells you how to do it in Sublime Text 2.


defaults write com.sublimetext.2 ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

If you simple change the com.sublimetext.2 to com.sublimetext.3 like so:

defaults write com.sublimetext.3 ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

This will allow the setting to work on the new Sublime Text 3 beta.

Is Elon Musk’s Hyperloop the ET3?

I just watched Kevin Rose’s recent Foundation episode with Elon Musk and was trying to find out what the “Hyperloop” mode of transportation mentioned within might be. Musk attempts to be secretive about the nature of the “new” mode of transportation and while it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control(or googling). Which has led me, inexorably, here:

An excerpt from the ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies) website:


ET3 is literally “Space Travel on Earth”. ET3 is silent, low cost, safe, faster than jets, and is electric.

Car sized passenger capsules travel in 1.5m (5′) diameter tubes on frictionless maglev. Air is permanently removed from the two-way tubes that are built along a travel route. Airlocks at stations allow transfer of capsules without admitting air. Linear electric motors accelerate the capsules, which then coast through the vacuum for the remainder of the trip using no additional power. Most of the energy is regenerated as the capsules slow down. ET3 can provide 50 times more transportation per kWh than electric cars or trains.

Speed in initial ET3 systems is 600km/h (370 mph) for in state trips, and will be developed to 6,500 km/h (4,000 mph) for international travel that will allow passenger or cargo travel from New York to Beijing in 2 hours. ET3 is networked like freeways, except the capsules are automatically routed from origin to destination.

Pneumatic tube systems have been considered for public transport numerous times in the past couple centuries but haven’t been realized as of yet. Could Elon Musk be the guy who finally brings enough smart people and money together to realize this? Maybe I’m way off and the Hyperloop™ is actually Elon Musk’s codename for this awesome sandwich he’s been secretly engineering…

Great Life Advice

Don’t wait for that perfect life path to appear before you. That’ll happen for 5% of the people and not for the rest. Pick something and start working hard in it – don’t worry if you already know it’s not the perfect thing. You’ll be doing something else three or five years from now. You won’t be “behind” by not choosing the perfect thing right off the bat. Picking something now and advancing in it will give you contacts you didn’t expect as well as general experience you need, both of which will uncover opportunities you didn’t know about and will get you in that door. Then you’ll do it again. And through this varied experience and growing body of contacts, you’ll zero in closer and closer to the life path that truly satisfies. Don’t wait. Don’t hold back. Don’t refuse to commit because something isn’t perfect. Get moving. Time won’t wait for you. In your late 30s it will dawn on you that you need to have a good foundation under you at that point, but it’s easy to squander the preceding years in an unfocused way waiting for things to click or magically appear.
In concert with the above, recognize that nobody will hand you anything. People who have things (great job, money, wife, house, reputation, respect, control, life of adventure, whatever) are the people went out and wrestled them to the ground (careful with that wife). This is particularly important for smart people who cruised through school on minimal effort. You may unconsciously expect to keep being automatically advanced like you were in school, which would mean that people are lined up waiting to hand you stuff when you get out, but that moving sidewalk stops when you get out and nobody’s waiting. Learn to move forward under your own power or you will fall flat. The C students never thought anything would be handed to them so they got out and rolled up their sleeves and did the work without any sense of entitlement. They’ll be your boss soon.
As you do the work above, be adaptable. Life is messy and the rules mostly go out the window after school ends. Things will rarely go to plan in the workplace (or in life in general). Be the person who understands this ahead of time, expects it to happen, and is ready to make a course correction when it does without getting frustrated or stumped. Stay loose, eyes sharp. At any given point, present conditions are all you’ve got, regardless of what you were “supposed” to have. So make the best of it by re-starting from where you are using what you’ve got. The people who can adapt in this way, who can creatively keep something going after things go wrong, will be the ones who rise. All your bosses care about ultimately is that the job gets done so find a way and don’t make excuses. If you don’t own the business you work for, pretend you do. If you did, you’d never say “well he didn’t get me that thing he was supposed to get me so I’m sorry, I can’t do that thing you wanted – it’s not my fault.” Because if you did, you wouldn’t eat. Pretend that completing your task is your job alone and nobody else is accountable and it has to be done no matter what. Once you own an issue like that, you’ll get a lot more creative and dogged about getting it done.


Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge 2011 Edition

Ed Dale and Gang have come out with another round of their awesome 30-day challenge. By taking part, Ed takes you starting from nothing, without requiring any prior technical experience, to developing your first online properties and making your first dollar online. This year they’re releasing all the lessons in one go and you can go at your own pace through the challenge. Each day requires about 30 minutes of your time from lesson plan to implementation (give or take a few minutes depending on the day). Stay tuned and I’ll be posting important lessons I learn as I go through the program — or better yet, go sign up yourself (doesn’t cost anything!) and join me and all the others in the forum to discuss our progress and help motivate each other.

30 Day Challenge – Days 5,6 and 7

Alright, time to catch up with the last days of module 1. In day 5, we were to create tables of our niches and keywords that matched certain market samurai search criteria. I’ll share one of those tables (and niches) that DIDN’T match the search criteria below:

game server hosting (theme / niche)
clan hosting
teamspeak server hosting
counter strike server hosting
tf2 server hosting
dedicated game server

Day 6 had us look at competing sites related to our chosen keywords.

Day 7 had us look for market indicators related to our niche.

30-Day Challenge – Days 3 and 4

Day 3 went over exact, phrase and broad-match keywords and didn’t even assign a task to complete.

Day 4 had us use the Market Samurai tool to find some niches that match pre-given criteria in order for us to make sure we are able to compete the given niches. I’m still debating whether to share my niches yet or not, as the more competition there is the worse it’ll be for me starting out ;)

Digg’s 1337 iPhone Cookie?

Digg 1337 Cookie Today I noticed digg sets a cookie named ’1337′ with a value of 0 (zero) when you browse their url. I’ve tried changing the cookie using FireFox’s webmaster tools to various values (1, 31337, 1337, leet, etc) but it just switches back to 0 each time.Anyone happen to have any guesses or perhaps inside knowledge into the use of this cookie?