Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Since I’ve decided to partake in Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge, I figured I might as well blog about the progress and any results that may or may not come from it. The challenge this year is formulated to ideally take you roughly 30min/day to finish, and is designed to take you step by step from nil to hopefully building a website that earns you money by the end of it.

First day we’re to make a list of 3 markets, niches and miro-niches.

Here’s my three:

Market / Niche / Micro-niche
Video Games / Simulation Games / Sim City 3000
Digital Photography / Nature Photography / Macro Plant Photography
Exercise / Body Building / Chin-Ups

Quick and simple. Since I’m lagging behind on my blog and it’s day two already, another post will be up shortly.

2 thoughts on “Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge – Day 1

    • You cant find the previous years challenges on iTunes by searching either ’30 day challenge’ or ’30dc’ or ‘ed dale’. I would highly recommend going through the current list at challange.co (click on the members link at the top right) then go to the training link in the top right again.

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